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 Create a Lasting Legacy

Let your Spirit Live on at Rowe

Remember Rowe Camp & Conference Center in your Will 

Over the years, many of our members and friends have provided a legacy of hope in their estate plans for the continuation of Rowe Camp & Conference Center into the future. Unfortunately, we often don’t learn of our member’s bequest by will until he or she has passed on. We’d like to thank and recognize you NOW for such lasting generosity and long-term commitment.

The Anita Pickett Bequest Society is our way of doing that. We also use it to say thank you for other bequests, such as gifts through Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, and Pooled Income Funds.

As a member, you will lead the way for others, as you have all along, in keeping Rowe’s future bright for generations to come.

How will my Bequest help Rowe? 

When you give a gift of caring through your estate planning, you help endow the future for Rowe. Your gift through the Anita Pickett Bequest Society will enable us to enhance, in perpetuity, the financial ability of the camp & conference center to sustain itself.

Your will today will be a living memorial for Rowe. We recommend gifts to the Capital Endowment Fund, however, you can direct where and how the gift will be used. Income from your gift invested in the endowment fund may be used for many different programs, such as capital projects, scholarships, care of a building or whatever you choose.

What is the wording I can use for my will?

The following wordings are offered as examples for you to take to your attorney:

  1. For a percentage of your estate:

I hereby give to U.U. Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Inc. (10, 20, 50%) of my estate

  1. For a specific dollar amount:

I hereby give to U.U. Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Inc. the sum of ($5,000, $25,000, $50,000 etc.)

  1. For the residue of your estate:

I hereby give to U.U. Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Inc. the residue of my estate.

We recommend the following words be added to the above, “to be invested for the future of the center as part of the permanent endowment fund.”

How do I become a member?

To learn more about becoming a member of the Anita Pickett Bequest Society, please contact Felicity Pickett at 413-3394954 or

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