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Below is a list of all our workshops currently offered. For links to specific programs, click here.


March 31-April 2 Your Dog’s Body Language Kevin Behan

March 31-April 2 Writing About Nature H. Emerson Blake

April 6-9 Peak Prosperity:Thriving in Any Future C. & B. Martenson & A. Taggart

April 14-16 Coyote Medicine Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy

April 14-16 Radical Joy for Hard Times Trebbe Johnson

April 21-23 The Way of Sustainable Abundance Rick Jarow

April 21-23 Your Memoir: Writing from the Heart Nancy Slonim Aronie

May 5-7 Jesus as a Model for Sacred Activism Andrew Harvey

May 5-7 Dancing the Divine Feminine Banafsheh Sayyad

May 7-12 Dance of Oneness ™: A New Embodied Spirituality Banafsheh Sayyad

May 12-14 Unstoppable: A Master Class for Citizen Action Ralph Nader

May 12-14 Last Night’s Dream, Today’s Poem: Writing from the Heart of the Dream Rodger Kamenetz

May 14-18 Spring Work Week

May 19-21 Horse Sense: How to Lead Change in an Unpredictable World Linda Kohanov

May 19-21 Speaking with Nature Llyn Roberts

May 26-29 Restoring the Soul After War: A Memorial Day Retreat E. Tick & K. Dahlstedt

May 26-29 Generations Camp for Grandparents and Grandkids W. Cudnohufsky & R. Gibson

June 2-4 Adventures in Sound-Play Paul Winter

June 2-4 Ten Archetypes of the Sacred Masculine Matthew Fox

June 9-11 Bedside Singing for the Dying Kathy Leo, et al

Sept 7-10 Meditation, Wilderness, & Wonder Lama Willa Miller & Bob Morrison

Sept 8-10 Waking Your Sleeping Giant Jean Houston

Sept 22-24 The Wilds of Poetry David Hinton

Sept. 22-24.     Community-Building Skills for Challenging Times Starhawk

Sept. 24-28 Autumn Work Week

Sept 29-Oct 1 Couples on the Path to Wholeness Joyce and Barry Vissell

Sept 29-Oct 1 Discovering Ancestral Lineage Healing Daniel Foor

Oct 6-9 Building a Vocal Community (r) : African-American Singing Ysaye Barnwell

Oct 9-13 Spiritual Warrior Society: A Community of Activists of Color and Allies

Oct 13-15 The Gift of Desire       Gina Ogden

Oct 13-15 Recovery from Lyme Disease Katina Makris & Jodie Dashore

Oct 19-22 Arts in the Woods Amina Silk & Arif Leininger

Oct 20-27 The Theory and Practice of the Work that Reconnects Anne Symons-Bucker

Oct 22-24 Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times Kim Klein