Adult Camps

Adult Rowe Community Retreats:

Decades of Building Friendships!

Each of our thriving summertime community retreats offers in its own way an experience of community, with values different from the competition and materialism of mainstream society. In the seclusion and beauty surrounding us, and without distractions–electronic and otherwise–of the outside world, people open up to each other in profound ways. They welcome old friends and newcomers alike. You may arrive as strangers, but leave as friends. Which community is right for you?

We have a number of camps for adults that have evolved into self-sustaining communities over the years. Many people come back year after year and new folks are always welcomed and included. Created for sharing, play, healing, and transformation, these camps take full advantage of Rowe’s wonderful surroundings and facilities, providing you the opportunity to participate in quality programming, hike the trails in the nature preserve, visit the nearby town beach, relax in the sauna, and create in the art room. 

Adult Community Retreats are:

June 10-16 Skill Set: A Retreat for Adults 20-30

Skill Set is a peer-led opportunity for young people to teach and learn the skills they need to build their lives and the world they want to live in. Rowe has lowered its standard sliding-scale fee to make this retreat as accessible as possible.


August 19-24  Kindred Spirits: A Community Supporting Healing and Self-Discovery

For more than 30 years, this community has been connecting people to their sense of self, to the natural world, and to other human beings. With roots in the 12-step recovery movement, it offers a summer-camp experience for adults to waken their hearts and move into wholeness.



August 25-30  Woman Soul: A Community of Sacred Trust

A seasoned camp, a mystery school, and spiritual intensive all wrapped up in one, led by experienced priestesses. Come experience an authentic, heartfelt community of powerful women rising as visionaries, seekers, dreamers, and guardians of our planet.



August 25-30 WomenCircles: A Celebration of Women

In this safe and supportive space, you will have a chance to experience deeper meaning in your life and expand your awareness of  the sacred. Let sisterhood, beauty, and joy refresh and renew you



August 31-September 3  Labor Day Retreat for Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Men

Now in its 33rd year, this is one of the nation’s longest-running gay men’s retreats. The goal is to create a weekend of surprise, sharing, and self-nurturing, while building a long-lasting community of men and a more connected view of gay lives and the world.



In May, the Generations Camp for grandparents and grandkids is a chance to enjoy the Berkshires for cozy relaxation and outdoor adventure. For more information, click here.

The Rowe Center is a marvelous place to learn and grow. We offer an array of workshops featuring outstanding teachers in a small, intimate forum, focusing on the arts, spirituality, social change, nature, relationships, and personal growth.  Surrounded by mountain forests, lakes, brooks, and wild orchards and meadows, Rowe also offers a beautiful setting for personal retreats. Whether you’re returning after many sojourns here, or joining one of our conferences for the first time: Welcome home to Rowe.

For the past three decades we’ve also been offering summer retreats for adults that enrich the lives of participants, welcoming old friends and newcomers alike for sharing, play, healing, and transformation.

For full descriptions of any of these camps, please click on tabs for individual camp pages.

Please visit our Adult Camp Scholarship page, for financial aid information. 

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