Board of Trustees

Being a Board Member at Rowe

The Board today is small, but active. Board members are passionate about Rowe’s mission and enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting things done. While the day-to-day administration of the facility, management of personnel, and construction of a calendar are the responsibility of Rowe’s highly qualified management team, the Board focuses on overseeing the policies of the corporation, strategic planning, and growing revenue to keep the organization vibrant and healthy. In doing so, we scrutinize the income we gain from the activities we offer and pursue fundraising strategies that will help us maintain the current facility as well as provide for future needs.

In addition to attending six meetings a year, Board members participate in committee work and take an active role in fundraising. We’re interested in people with skills and experience in fundraising and development, finance and accounting, program planning and evaluation, project management, organizational development, and nonprofit law, among others.

Serving on the Board demands a significant commitment of time and dedication, but it is energizing, important, and fun. If you are interested in exploring the unique opportunity of steering Rowe toward a bright and promising future, please contact Felicity Pickett at, or a Board member by contacting Thank you.

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