Board of Trustees

Meet Rowe’s Board of Trustees

The Board today is small, but active. Board members are passionate about Rowe’s mission and enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting things done. While the day-to-day administration of the facility, management of personnel, and construction of a calendar are the responsibility of Rowe’s highly qualified management team, the Board focuses on overseeing the policies of the corporation, strategic planning, and growing revenue to keep the organization vibrant and healthy.

The Board is made up of 7 to 11 members, which includes 4 officers and 3 to 7 members-at-large. Members represent a cross-section of the communities served and have the kinds of skills and experience that can contribute to the purposes and mission of Rowe.

Serving on the Board demands a significant commitment of time and dedication, but it is energizing and fun. If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please send us a letter of introduction and your resume. If you would like to nominate someone to serve on the board you can write a letter of recommendation to the All nominees will be placed on the list of trustees to be elected at the next annual meeting after successfully completing a training and approval process.


Albert E. Mussad, President of the Board, discovered Rowe at the annual Men’s Labor Day Retreat in 1999. This gathering of soulful and playful men was the first of many retreat and workshop experiences that have changed his life. Albert loves Rowe for the new insight, wisdom and courage all of these experiences have given him. Albert is a lifelong learner and teacher seeking self-actualization. After 25 years as a teacher of K-12 students, teachers and principals in New Jersey, Albert now helps teachers, principals, and other school administrators in Massachusetts to improve student outcomes. He strives for St. Benedict’s compassion, humility, and hospitality in all things, including the call to stewardship as a trustee of Rowe.
 Albert earned a master’s and PhD degrees in language teaching, testing and learning from Georgetown University. He also holds a master’s degree in educational administration.


Cynthia BollingVice President. She discovered the magic that is Rowe Camp when she attended WomenCircles in 1996.She has been coming back for more ever since.In the mid-70s, Cynthia was able to put her lifelong love of science fiction and fantasy to work when she became assistant editor of Galaxy magazine. In 1981, she began work for CMP Publications on Long Island. The professional move from Manhattan to Long Island not only brought her closer to home and her two children but also allowed her to begin graduate studies. She earned an MA in English from CUNY’s Queens College.
Cynthia remained with CMP (now United Business Media) for 26 years, working as a marketer and then as a copy editor for Electronic Engineering Times. She currently writes and copyedits for her editorial services business and looks forward with delight to her service at Rowe.


Betsey Miller, Rowe’s Treasurer, first attended a workshop at Rowe with Starhawk in the ’80s and has been coming back for conferences through the years. Her experience with Tom Wessel’s workshop cemented her commitment to Rowe and its grounds. She loved exploring the woods with Tom. She has been a long-term member of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany and served on its board and as its treasurer. Over the years she has served as treasurer for several other nonprofits. Betsey is retired from a career with New York State, serving in its Division of Budget and several other agencies in financial and project management positions. She earned a BS in Economics and Business from Bloomsburg State College in Pennsylvania, and a master’s in Labor Relations from Cornell University in New York. Betsey looks forward to working with the Board of Rowe to support this great organization.


Liam McRae is Clerk of the Board.  Liam came to Rowe as a 14-year-old Junior High Camper, moving on to four years at Senior High Camp where he served as Spirit in 2014. Liam has worn a variety of hats during his time at Rowe, working as maintenance, dishwasher and prep cook, sitting in on conferences and meetings about new camps, and now serving on the Board of Trustees.  He serves on the Youth Programs Advisory Committee and co-chairs the Governance Committee. Liam currently attends Bennington College as a Junior, studying a combination of social science, political theory and environmental science. 

In addition to his classes, Liam spearheads on-campus sexual health initiatives with a focus on pleasure-based sex education and real-life consent education. He is currently coordinating the design of a peer-to-peer victim/survivor advocacy program, and assists projects toward a livable environment for victims, survivors and victors. He is a certified facilitator of OWL Young Adult. Liam credits Rowe as the inspiration for this work, being the first place he saw such education happen with success. 

Members- at- Large

Heather Day is a Member-at-Large for Rowe’s Board. She first came to Rowe as an 11 year old at Young People’s Camp and has continued her involvement since then as a camper at all 4 camps, a counselor and guest staffer for Transitions Camp and Junior High Camp, and a Woodside Diversity Program liaison for New York City youth.

Heather currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and works at the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center as Associate Director of Youth and Community Programs. In this role she oversees youth-focused initiatives to facilitate healing and growth for young people exposed to community violence and train youth as leaders in the anti-violence movement. She holds a Master’s of Social Work from Fordham University and is passionate about exploring issues of power, privilege, oppression and agency. Heather believes deeply in the power of arts as a tool for healing, learning and changemaking. She is an avid hip-hop head and occasional rapper.


Tricia Larkin, a newly elected Member-at-Large, came to Rowe through the Spiritual Guidance Program. Finding the announcement for that program in the back of her U.U. congregation in Rockland County, NY, she applied and was accepted. She had never been to Rowe and knew nothing about it, but when she walked on the land for the first time, it said “home” to her.

She works as a supervisor/social worker at an inpatient rehabilitation center for substance abuse. It is an all-male program where most are homeless, have been in prison or jail, and trauma is second nature.Tricia has been working in this field for over 30 years and feels it is a place to practice social action daily.  She said, “Sometimes it’s like herding cats, and other times it is breathtaking to be present and hear how other people survive. There is incredible beauty, anger, and despair in the wounds that come from mental health and substance abuse.” Rowe is both respite & acknowledgement of spirit that is present in each of us and in the world around us.


Abby Huber first came to Young People’s Camp in 1994 and has loved Rowe ever since. She is grateful her parents picked up that flyer at UUS:E in Manchester, CT. She was able to work at Junior High Camp in 2001 and at Senior High in 2006 and 2012. That last session back after 6 years was one of her favorites, showing that the Rowe magic continues. Abby chairs the Board’s Youth Programs Advisory Committee.

Abby has worked in non-profits and education since she graduated from Wesleyan University. She has organized volunteer programs to engage youth in their communities, taught English to adults in Germany and in East Hartford, CT, and currently works in the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University. She leads the Staff Action Team on Climate Change at Brandeis. Other exciting work includes her recent stint as a UU youth group advisor and her continuing freelance work in German and Spanish translation.


Desiree Lawrence first discovered the “magical place of Rowe” back in 1993 where she began as a camper at Kindred Spirits camp. This was a transformational experience that helped shape her future.  She then went on to serve as an assistant staffer, regular staffer, and then Co-Director for the past 10 years.

Desiree is a compassionate individual who enjoys meaningful work, being part of a team, working through challenges and making a positive difference in the lives of people, animals, and the environment. She works in the field of Human Resources and recently became hired as a volunteer at the Hospice of Southern Maine, where she will work as an advocate for those who are suffering. She is looking forward to serving in her new role as a Member-at-Large on the board of trustees at Rowe.


Tom Allan first walked up the hill at Rowe in 1993 to attend Recovery Camp, later known as Kindred Spirits Camp.  This experience was so profound and transformative that he has attended camp every summer since. Over the past 25 years Tom has been a camper, assistant staff, staff, and for 12 years a co-director.  He says, “I really feel like I was raised by Rowe, that in many ways I grew up there,” even though all his time spent at Rowe has been as an adult.

Tom credits Rowe for giving him inspiration to go back to school and receive a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Social Work.   Being a recovering person himself, Tom has spent a good part of his career working to help individuals who suffer with Substance Use Disorders, first as a clinician, then a program manager and later as an Executive Director of a non-profit agency providing treatment and assistance to individuals suffering with substance abuse and chronic homelessness. Currently Tom is a psychotherapist in private practice in Portland, Maine, and is delighted to be called to service as a trustee at Rowe.


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