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Rowe CRoweAutumnenter is an unusual and magical place cherished by thousands of people who come each year for relaxation, education, community, spiritual nurturance, and lots of fun. At Rowe they find a spirit of honesty, creativity, respect, and love.

Many people who come to Rowe feel as though they’re returning home — even if they’re arriving for the first time. They feel a sense of familiarity, comfort, and belonging. Traditions that have been built over the years have created a vibrant culture, and the openness to new ideas has kept Rowe growing and evolving.

Rowe’s summer camps have inspired and delighted kids since 1924. The adult camps have developed over several decades into self-sustaining communities ready to welcome new members. Rowe’s weekend workshops have been providing a place to learn and grow in a small, intimate forum since 1974. Many of our outstanding teachers return again and again. Each year we also invite new, innovative teachers, keeping the energy of Rowe contemporary and fresh.

Rowe Center’s philosophy arises from a deep faith in the fundamental goodness of human beings, the abiding miracle of life on earth, and the soul-sustaining beauty of creation. Rowe offers workshops on nature and spirituality to connect people to the ineffable; on relationships and communication to connect people with each other; on politics and ideas to support people in creating a better world; and on self-improvement, creativity, and the arts to help people flourish.

The Center is folded into the slope of gentle mountains at the edge of an old New England village. The wonder of the ordinary miraculous is everywhere. It’s just around the corner, down the wooded path, in the radiant eyes of the person across from you at lunch, in the aha! moment of a sudden insight that you can take with you back into the world.

Come and find out about Rowe’s magic for yourself. It is enduring, endearing, evident, and undeniable. You will feel it, too, and you’ll be glad you made the journey. Welcome home to Rowe

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Rowe Center provides a space where people can come together and once again be in touch with their inner selves, be rejuvenated, and bring the light back out into a  world that is in such need of love and support. I always go away feeling so privileged for the reinforcement of my life and beliefs that I find here.



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