Sr. High Camp (ages 16-19)

August 2 - 22, 2015 (ages 16-19) Register Here

The greatest tradition in the 91-year history of Rowe Camp is Senior High Camp. Tradition is a stream of experience, so step into that stream this summer. Senior High water is soothing, but the stream has a vital, churning, and wild side.

Each day, campers participate in a wide variety of amazing workshops on topics such as dreams, identity, spirituality, body image, addiction, sexuality, grief and loss, and politics. In the evenings, campers join the whole community for events like talent shows and large-scale games or dances and rituals. At the end of each evening, we all go to Chapel for a time to share readings, songs, and reflections about what touches us most deeply. It is a time when we can choose to express, or simply feel, our greatest joys and most profound hurts in an atmosphere of acceptance and safety.

The Senior High program staff brings a diversity of experience as well as a love of and respect for teenagers. The staff is present to ensure safety, provide emotional support, share talents and skills, listen without judgment, and lead by example. They are committed to coming together and being very intentional about building a community in which all people are treated with dignity and respect.

By making workshops, chapels, and even sleep optional, we’ve found that campers consistently go home from camp with a stronger commitment to taking responsibility for their lives and with increased self-confidence, self-respect, and acceptance of others, including brothers, sisters, and parents. The Rowe Spirit offers a magical and compelling sense of belonging, warmth, growth, intensity, and love.

Zoe Donnellycolt started camp in 1999 and has engaged the community as a staff member at both Junior High and Senior High Camps. She graduated from Bennington College with a concentration in dance and a deep understanding of her artistic community. Currently, Zoe is working at a bakery, performing dance, and choreographing new work in Oakland, California. 

Kieran Lally has been coming to Rowe every year since 1989 and has worked on both Junior and Senior High Camp staff. Kieran is a baker, carpenter, father, and youth advocate. Kieran believes that everything we do can affect the world at large. He is energized and excited to help make Senior High Camp the best it can be.

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