March 17 - March 19

The Way of the Shaman: Exploring the Hidden Universe
Nan Moss

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Discover Core Shamanism, explore other worlds within the shamanic state of consciousness, access compassionate helping Spirits recognized by indigenous traditions, and live in good relationship with all the beings in this world.

 Most shamanic techniques are unique to particular cultures, but some of the basic practices of core shamanism -- methods a shaman uses to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving, well-being, and healing -- can be adapted to modern American life. One of those practices is shamanic journeying, a remarkable visionary technique used worldwide in traditional societies to explore a hidden universe otherwise known mainly through myth and dream. You’ll experience how the journey can restore spiritual power and health and how shamanism can be applied in contemporary life to help renew yourself, others, and the planet. Aided by drumming and movement techniques, you’ll also learn methods for journeying into non-ordinary reality to meet and study with your own individual teachers there, a classic step in shamanic practice. Originated by Michael Harner, this is the basic workshop of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is the pre-requisite for all other Foundation workshops and training courses.

 Nan Moss is a longstanding faculty member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, an international organization founded by Michael Harner that is a leader in the resurgence of Western shamanism. She studied shamanism with indigenous teachers of Brazil, Norway, Siberia, China, and the western U.S. and has explored Celtic shamanistic traditions as well. She is the author of Weather Shamanism: Harmonizing Our Connection to the Elements.



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