March 11 - March 13

The Thrill of Democracy -- Unleashing Your Power to Change the System
Frances Moore Lappe

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Announcement: Small Planet Institute, the organization co-founded by Frances Moore Lappé, is proud to offer a limited number of full scholarships to this conference. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and are due no later than Monday February 29th at 4PM EST. Click here to apply:



“A small number of people in every generation are forerunners, in thought, action, spirit, who swerve past the barriers of greed and power to hold a torch high for the rest of us. Lappé is one of those.” —Howard Zinn

If you despair over our country’s direction, join Frances for a fearless weekend grappling with the real, systemic roots of today’s crises. Frances is a lifelong champion of empowering people, first through her classic Diet for a Small Planet and now via her principles of “living democracy.” Instead of resorting to customary strategies of blaming the “bad guys” or focusing on the one activist cause dearest to your heart, she invites you to join others in thinking within a social ecosystem, one in which everyone is connected and everyone (including you) is implicated. Because you’re implicated in the system, Frances says, here’s the liberating truth: You have the power to change it. Discover how, by diving into 10 “arts” of democracy and much more. Take action on behalf of your favorite cause by doing what will benefit it most: Transforming democracy into a thrilling, everyday practice. Learn more about Frances's outlook by reading her 

 Open Letter on Building a Living Democracy Movement


Frances Moore Lappé is the author or coauthor of 19 books, including Diet for a Small Planet, which has sold three million copies worldwide; Democracy’s Edge; You Have the Power: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear; and Getting a Grip 2: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage for the World We Really Want. Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (considered an “Alternative Nobel Prize”), she is the recipient of 18 honorary degrees and has been a visiting scholar at M.I.T. and the University of California, Berkeley. With her daughter Anna, she is the cofounder of the Small Planet Fund, which channels resources to democratic social movements throughout the world.

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