September 17 - September 20

Approaching That More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible
Charles Eisenstein

“One of the up-and-coming great minds of our time.”-- David Korten

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We all feel it—the old stories don't work anymore. We all suspect it—"normal" is not going to come back.  Maybe, says Charles Eisenstein, this is not a bad thing. The reigning mythologies—separation, competition, and self-interest--that underlie the institutions of our civilization and the structures of our individual lives have clearly reached their limits. We find ourselves now in the space between stories, and Charles believes it is time to let the separatist myth go. It’s time to open our hearts to the reality of interconnectedness. During this highly interactive weekend, you'll tap into a framework in which spirituality and activism converge and discover how this can translate into political, ecological, and social change. Through process work, you’ll begin to clear the barriers that limit our powers as healers and agents of change. A miracle, Charles says, is simply something that doesn't fit our existing world view. That more beautiful world is not just possible; it is necessary, and it is closer than you think! 

This workshop runs an extra day and costs an additional $120.

Read an article from Ode magazine in which Charles discusses new sharing economies, here!

Charles Eisenstein wrote several books, most recently Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. A speaker and writer focusing on themes of human culture and identity, he has a degree in mathematics and philosophy from Yale, lived a decade in Taiwan as a translator, and has been a college instructor, yoga teacher, and construction worker. He currently writes and speaks full-time. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and four children.









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