May 31 - June 02

Everyday Art: How to Start Drawing and See the World
Danny Gregory


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Rediscover your creative soul with the man who has inspired thousands of others to do the same.

We all drew before we could write, but, for most of us, that outlet was soon replaced by the nagging whisper of an inner critic who told us we could never be Artists. As a child, Danny heard that whisper too, but, when a personal tragedy rocked his world in his mid- 30s, he took to his sketchbook. Making a daily practice of drawing and writing down the everyday matters of his life led him to the discovery of immense joy and beauty – that, indeed, every day matters. His journals turned into bestselling books that have moved people all over the world to put pen (and pencil, marker, and brush) to paper.

Danny’s fans have been asking him when he's going to teach and, fortunately for us, he was inspired by the beauty of Rowe to offer his first-ever weekend workshop here. Ramble through the woods and meander around the lake and the little village with a group of like-minded souls as you fill your pages with observations and art. For added inspiration, Danny will bring along dozens of journals to share and inspire. 

Danny Gregory was born in London and grew up in Pakistan, Australia, and Israel. He graduated from Princeton University and lives in Greenwich Village with his son and dogs. Executive Creative Director, Managing Partner of a major NY ad agency, he has published seven illustrated books, including A Kiss Before You Go:  an illustrated memoir of love and loss, The Creative License:  Giving Yourself Permission to Be the Artist You Truly Are, and Everyday Matters, the memoir that got him started.

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