March 29 - March 31

Fermentation Extravaganza: Join the Food Revolution
Sandor Katz

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Transform the world, one bite at a time, through pickles and protest.

Food nurtures us, comforts us, and structures our lives, and our current culture’s disconnection from cultivating what we eat or from harvesting it in the wild reflects a broader disconnection from the natural world and cycles of life and death. Consciously or not, we yearn for reconnection. Join others to talk about the vast array of wonderful foods and drinks that result from the miraculous actions of microorganisms. You’ll learn the simple process of fermenting foods and how to do it safely and correctly. You’ll also explore the history of fermentation and culturing, discuss microorganisms and pre-digestion, discover the truth about food safety (botulism, surface mold, and other fears de-mystified) and receive tips on fermentation vessels and storage. Sandor, in his inimitable style, will demonstrate how to make kefir and sauerkraut and demonstrate hands-on fermentation in the kitchen, hopefully with some home brew. Inevitably, Sandor will stray into other realms of fermentation, such as social protest, because as Rebecca Wood says, “Eating well has become an act of civil disobedience.”

Beginners, wannabes, and longtime fermenters are equally welcome!

Sandor Katz talks to the NY Times about the flavors possible with fermented foods.

Sandor Katz answered NY Times readers' fermentation questions.

Sandor Katz, aka Sandorkraut, has been fermenting since 1993. To demystify home fermentation, he wrote Wild Fermentation in 2003, called by Newsweek “the fermenting bible.” Since then the “fermentation revivalist” has taught hundreds of workshops and written The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved and The Art of Fermentation“For me, food is above all a sensual experience. I love the smells, flavors, textures, and colors of food, and how satisfied it can make me feel. I salivate just thinking of harvesting fresh fruit in the summertime. Being in a plentiful patch of ripe fruit always forces me to surrender to my greedy desire. I literally stuff my mouth with berries, then crush them and luxuriate in the juicy rush of sensations.” —Sandor Katz

“Sandor Katz...points us not only to eating in a new way, but thinking in a new way.”
– Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States

“A passionate crusader, Katz is also funny, quirky, and eminently likable.”
– Earth First! Journal

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